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Gastro Käse is a trading company that supplies cheese, yoghurt, and other dairy products to bulk buyers.

Gastro Käse approached us to produce their new corporate film. It was essential to them that their authenticity and charisma be visible in the film. The filming started with their customers’ testimonials. We went to the Kantonsspital Baden and the Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna Lucerne. We were allowed to accompany the two kitchens on film during breakfast and lunch preparation, in addition to the interviews with head chef Joseph Stalder in Baden and deputy head chef Patrick Pfister in Lucerne.

At Gastro Käse, we did the interviews, the time-lapses, the drone shots and the shots in the warehouse and the office. In addition, chef Gerd Seelmann from the Asana Hospital in Menziken was on hand for a visit.

All three of Gastro Käse's clients gave great testimonials about their collaboration with the two managing directors, Pascal and Yves.

Gastro Käse uses corporate film to acquire new customers and maintain existing relationships. The film is on their homepage so that every potential customer gets an informative, emotional and, above all, lasting first impression of Gastro Käse. Gastro Käse can use this film for several years and will also benefit for years to come from this investment.


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